Writing Guidelines

Thank you for contributing to Nickeled & Dimed. Please see the guidelines below for posts.


  • You can write about issues in public discourse with the objective of providing an economic outlook. Be it in foreign policy, development or politics, we are looking for the articulation of opinions which diverge from perspectives provided by mainstream media.
  • The blog also runs a themed research article series from time to time, details of which are updated on the blog website.
  • You will receive a response if the idea in your write-up is found satisfactory and is in sync with the objectives of Nickeled & Dimed.
  • We are looking for new ideas and perspectives, so please be original in content. Any kind of plagiarism will strictly not be entertained.
  • Borrowed content should be referenced, ideally using hyperlinks to online sources or by using endnotes (not footnotes). For Op-eds, instead of referencing, you can use phrases like, “According to ABC’s report in 2011….”, “The XYZ Committee stated that…”.



  • Write-ups should be about 700-1200 words in length. We also accept Book Reviews of 1500-2000 words. (You can find guidelines for writing a Book Review here)
  • Maintain uniform font and size throughout the write-up. Font Style : Times New Roman; Font Size: 12 ; Justify the alignment of the text
  • Please include a suggested title for your post. Narrative headlines tend to work better than catchy newspaper-type headline for blogs.
  • It is recommended to add an article description. It could be regarding what unique insight do you have to offer, or how is your article relevant? It could be two or three sentences(Not more than 60 words).
  • The author should include a short bio (1-2 lines) about her/himself at the end of the write-up. For example, “XYZ is a Masters student at PQR School of Social Sciences”.
  • All submissions should be emailed with the title of the article mentioned as the subject.


  • Blogs are written in a more conversational style than traditional academic papers.
  • Please avoid using academic jargon as the blog aims to reach non-academic readers as well as those of academia. If the use of certain terms is unavoidable, kindly reference them by hyperlinking to online sources.


  • The shorter the sentences and paragraphs, the better. One paragraph should include one idea.
  • Be liberal in using sub-headings. It helps maintain the flow and the attention of the reader.
  • Write with one clear goal/objective in mind.
  • Critiques should be respectful, no foul words, slangs and short forms of any kind.
  • Pay attention to grammatical and spelling errors. You can refer to a guide to common grammatical errors here
  • Do not make haste to send in your first draft. Reread your write-up at least three times before submitting it. It eases the process of editing for both of us.
  • All facts and figures should be referenced.
  • Tables and graphs, if any, should be titled (above) and sourced (below)

Many people find it helpful to look at an example before they write their own blog. Here is a link to a post on Nickeled & Dimed. (Sample Article)

Email your write ups (and queries, if any) at cnes.jgu@gmail.com  

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